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Tired of spending countless hours trying to collect unpaid patient balances or paying outlandish fees to collection agencies? There is a better solution.

We know you want to concentrate on delivering excellent patient care, so why not let American Credit Bureau concentrate on your patient accounts? We’re ready to help you manage your self-pay balances, greatly reduce write offs, increase monthly cash flow, and build year-end profits.

Now more than ever, the collection of self-pay balances has become a critical issue. In today's challenging economy, we recommend a much more proactive approach. With our ProfitGUARD suite of receivable solutions, you’ll collect 4 times as much, you’ll never pay a commission to a collection agency, and you’ll always protect doctor-patient relationships. In fact, we guarantee it!

Sign up to be an American Credit Bureau member today—and you’ll have the comprehensive range of tools, training, and support you need to build a healthier, more profitable practice.

Need more information? Read the White Paper "A Cost-Effective Rx for Collecting Self-Pay Balances".

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American Credit Bureau, Inc. 1200 North Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432 800.750.9422

With your American Credit Bureau membership, you get peace of mind.

That's because your healthcare practice can take advantage of these tried, tested and proven ProfitGUARD tools to manage your receivables:

  • ◊  Automated Payment Reminders

    Would you like to spend less time collecting?   American Credit Bureau will automatically send out a series of four outbound voice payment reminders (Automated Payment Reminders or APR) to all patients with open balances. Research confirms that repeated voice payment reminders will increase your collection rate and accelerate monthly cash flow—without mailing time-consuming and expensive invoices.

    By automating the notification and collections process on open balance patient accounts, collection costs can be reduced by more than 50%. Also, by contacting more patients earlier in the collection cycle, and by making it convenient for these patients to pay via an automated system or transfer to a live agent, you can double 90-day patient-pay collection rates, and cut patient-pay bad debt in half.

  • ◊  Effective Money Producing Letters

    Would you like a low-cost solution for collecting self-pay balances greater than 90 days past due?    No problem. Just give us the word, and we’ll mail your patients a series of money-producing letters on the American Credit Bureau letterhead. These mailings from a third party are guaranteed to increase your collections.

    The first letter is a friendly reminder that an outstanding balance must be resolved. If the patient doesn’t respond to the first letter, a second more strongly worded letter is mailed. If necessary, a third letter advises patients that a credit blemish on their permanent credit files will be recorded if they fail to pay.

    We guarantee the threat of a credit blemish will motivate your patients to pay their bills. And the best part is that all money is paid directly to you. You don’t owe anyone a commission.

  • ◊  Powerful Credit Bureau Blemish

    Would you like consequences for patients who refuse to pay?   The threat of a credit blemish is a very strong motivator for patients who do not pay their bills. When you authorize a severe credit blemish to be recorded on their permanent credit reports (at Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union), it will remain on record for up to seven years. This makes it difficult or impossible for the patient to get additional credit until you have been paid in full. Often a patient eventually pays a past due balance that is three, four, five or even six years old.

  • ◊  Locating Missing Patients

    Would you like a simple way to locate patients with bad addresses?   Just send us some basic information about the missing patient, and we’ll search hundreds of the nation’s leading databases for the latest updates. Within 24 hours, you’ll have the results of our search, and you’ll locate missing patients about 85% of the time.

  • ◊  Revealing Credit Reports and FICO Score

    Would you like to know a patient’s payment history before extending credit?   As an American Credit Bureau member, you’ll have all the tools you need to check for credit-worthiness. In fact, you’ll have the same access to a patient’s credit report and FICO score that a lending institution does, so you can stop losing money on patients who are poor risks. When you know the patient’s credit history before extending credit, you can simply avoid most collection problems—and all the time and effort they cause your practice.

  • ◊  Alerts and Continuing Education

    Would you like to know in advance about new rules and regulations related to billing and collections?   You can avoid unwelcome surprises when you become a member, because you’ll be invited to attend webinars updating you on the latest state and federal rules related to receivable management. Plus you’ll receive Paid in Full, a monthly e-newsletter that covers a variety of different receivable strategies. It’s filled with answers to questions like “what do you do when a patient writes Paid in Full on the back of a check even though there is still a balance due? ” Or, “what do you do when you receive a bankruptcy notice?”

  • ◊  Personal Collection Coach

    Would you like professional support when facing a billing or collection issue?   Help is just a phone call away when you’re an American Credit Bureau member. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you have professional support when you’re facing a challenging situation. You can pick up the phone anytime and speak with a ProfitGUARD Collection Coach who will guide you through difficult billing or collection issues.

  • ◊  Online Patient Payment Portal

    Would you like to offer your patients a simple and secure way to pay their medical bills online? It’s easy to do with ProfitGuard’s Patient Payment Portal. By utilizing online bill payment, your practice will collect payment more quickly while providing patients with greater convenience.

    Today’s patients are increasingly responsible for a larger portion of their bills since they have higher deductible insurance coverage. Offering your patients the flexibility and freedom to pay their bills by check, credit or debt card from their personal payment portal will give you a competitive advantage.

  • ◊  Automated Appointment Reminders

    Would you like to reduce no-shows? We guarantee you can do that when you use ProfitGuard’s automated appointment confirmation calls. Phone calls to patients can be personalized with names, dates, times or other variables to remind them and even to confirm their appointments. Patients are asked to confirm their appointments, and if they need to reschedule, they can be transferred back to your office manager.

  • ◊  On Demand Messages

    Are there other messages you’d like to send to your patients? With just a click on your computer screen, you can send holiday greeting messages, annual visit reminders, health tips, flu shot reminders, and other personalized voice messages. As an American Credit Bureau member, you’ll have an automated, streamlined process for staying in touch with your patients without the cost of postage and mailing.

Need more information? Read the White Paper "A Cost-Effective Rx for Collecting Self-Pay Balances".

Sign up for a Risk-Free 60-Day Trial Membership Today!

American Credit Bureau, Inc. 1200 North Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432 800.750.9422

Here's how your practice can benefit from American Credit Bureau membership.

  • Improve your peace of mind
          Well-managed receivables from start to finish
  • Increase monthly cash flow
          A more profitable practice
  • Protect your receivables for seven years
          The power of the credit Bureau blemish as a payment motivator
  • Collect your past due balances without paying a percentage to a collection agency
          100% of receivables paid directly to you
  • Increased productivity in your billing department
          A better bottom line
  • Unlimited access to professional collection expertise
          A ProfitGUARD Collection Coach just a phone call away
  • Train and support your staff
          Webinars, an e-newsletter, industry alerts and updates!
  • Improve your staff's job satisfaction
          ProfitGUARD tools to serve their needs

Need more information? Read the White Paper "A Cost-Effective Rx for Collecting Self-Pay Balances".

Sign up for a Risk-Free 60-Day Trial Membership Today!

American Credit Bureau, Inc. 1200 North Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432 800.750.9422

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How are you different from a collection agency?
A. Traditional collection agencies retain a percentage of what they collect from your past due receivables. American Credit Bureau's ProfitGUARD is a comprehensive receivable management company that gives you all the tools you need to collect your outstanding balances - without using a collection agency.

Q. How do American Credit Bureau's results compare to collection agencies?
A. American Credit Bureau members report a receivables recovery rate of over 70% That's five times higher than the national collection agency average of only 14%. Our high rate of success is the result of a streamlined collection process that uses a unique blend of invoicing, automated payment reminders, online payment processing, pre-collect letters and credit bureau reporting.

Q. How much do your services cost?
A. Less than you think. You pay a one-time membership fee to get ProfitGUARD services set up, and then a very small monthly fee to continue using our services. When you contact us here at American Credit Bureau, we'll prepare a proposal that meets the needs of your practice.

Q. How much commission will I have to pay on what I collect with your tools?
A. None. 100% of the money recovered is paid directly to your practice.

Q. Who generates and mails the letters to past due accounts?
A. We do. The ProfitGUARD automated system takes care of everything.

Q. Why are patients more likely to pay their bills when I become an American Credit
Bureau member?
A. Most patients assume there will be no consequence for failure to pay a medical bill. As a member with ProfitGUARD enhancement, you can record a permanent blemish on a non-paying patient's credit report. The blemish is an extremely effective weapon for collecting bad debt fast—and in full.

Q. What happens if a patient doesn't care if his or her credit rating is blemished?
A. Some patients will tell you that they don't care. But the fact is that a severe credit blemish recorded on their credit history for up to seven years makes it difficult for patients to get credit. It's not unusual for them to eventually pay past due bills - years later when seeking credit approval to buy a home, for example.

Q. What if I try an American Credit Bureau membership, and it doesn't pay off for our practice?
A. Here at American Credit Bureau, we're so confident that your membership and unlimited access to ProfitGUARD will pay off, that we offer a risk-free, full money-back guarantee.

Q. Is American Credit Bureau governed by federal or state laws?
A. Yes, American Credit Bureau is regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We are also in compliance with laws in all 50 states. As part of our orientation program for new members, we make certain you are familiar with all aspects of these regulations.

Q. Is American Credit Bureau a member of the American Collector's Association?
A. Yes, American Credit Bureau is an active member of the association. We use their guidelines and training programs to conduct our business in the most professional manner possible.

Q. How would you describe the goals and mission of American Credit Bureau?
A. Our mission is to a) maximize collections in a professional patient-friendly manner that protects the reputation and integrity of our clients, b) achieve success using tried and true strategies and technologies that are effective and ethical, and c) provide exceptional customer service by being accessible, attentive, and results-oriented.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. Since 1992, when Martin Ferrell identified a need in the healthcare industry for a more efficient and cost-effective way for providers to manage their receivables and recover past-due balances. The traditional method of hiring a collection agency has generally been viewed as a measure of last resort due to high collection fees and the negative impact on patient relationships. Mr. Ferrell, through his experience as a medical management consultant, developed a systematic process for managing patient accounts and minimizing reliance on a traditional collection agency.

Since 1992 the company has grown steadily and now serves healthcare providers in all 50 states. American Credit Bureau is fully bonded, licensed and insured. We currently have more than 20 employees trained in all aspects of A/R management and are well aware of all state and federal regulations that affect AR management and debt collection.

Need more information? Read the White Paper "A Cost-Effective Rx for Collecting Self-Pay Balances".

Sign up for a Risk-Free 60-Day Trial Membership Today!

American Credit Bureau, Inc. 1200 North Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432 800.750.9422

100% Risk-FREE Guarantee

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Enroll today and take American Credit Bureau for a 60-day test drive.
Kick the tires and slam the doors you'll immediately understand why healthcare providers across America are successfully increasing monthly cash flow and year-end profits with American Credit Bureau's ProfitGUARD services.

We're so confident that you'll see impressive results within the first two months of using our services that we make this promise: If you're not satisfied for any reason, you may cancel your membership and get a 100% refund of your set-up and monthly fees within the first (60) sixty days.

You can't lose. You can only win.

Martin Ferrell
President & CEO
American Credit Bureau, Inc.

Need more information? Read the White Paper "A Cost-Effective Rx for Collecting Self-Pay Balances".

Sign up for a Risk-Free 60-Day Trial Membership Today!

American Credit Bureau, Inc. 1200 North Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432 800.750.9422

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