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I want to become a Member of American Credit Bureau. Inc. (ACB) so that I can have a hard blemish placed on a patient's credit report(s) that refuses to pay their past due balances

As a Phase I Member of (ACB), I can utilize their proven flat fee Financial Recovery Strategies to collect my past due balances.

I understand that if I use ACB's Financial Recovery Strategies, I will NOT be charged a percentage of the money collected. I will only be charged ($14.95), and all my patients will be instructed to send 100% of all money directly to me.

(Click  HERE for the description and cost of the Phase 1 Financial Recovery Strategies)

I understand I will pay a small monthly Credit Bureau Maintenance fee of $49.95 whether I belong to one or all three credit bureaus.

My Credit Bureau Maintenance fee will:
  • Give me access to the flat fee Financial Recovery Strategies
  • Notify my office of any litigious debtors
  • Manage the entire dispute process
  • Advise my office of any patients filing for bankruptcy
  • Report monthly all delinquent balances to the Credit Bureau(s)

If a debtor does not pay their outstanding balance, I understand that the credit bureau(s) I select will be notified.

I understand the Credit Report blemish will remain on the debtor's permanent Credit Report for up to seven years and, in many cases, prevent the patient from getting additional credit until my bill is paid in full.

BONUS: I understand by joining American Credit Bureau, I will receive one FREE Credit Bureau. That's a value of $325.00

I also understand that if I am not 100% completely satisfied, within the first 60 days, ACB will refund 100% of all the money paid for the credit bureaus set up and the monthly fees.

Super Charge Your Membership

Report Past-Due Balances to All Three Credit Bureaus
(Just like a Collection Agency)

To maximize the protection of your receivables, choose all three major Credit Bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Guard your receivables for up to seven years . . . just like a collection agency, but without having to pay a commission.

Equifax Experian TransUnion
Membership + One Bureau Free for 1 Credit Bureau
Membership + Two Bureaus $295.00 for 2 Credit Bureaus
Membership + Three Bureaus $540.00 for 3 Credit Bureaus
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I understand that on the 29th day of the month my credit card or checking account will be debited for the monthly membership fee and for any additional services ordered. By signing below, I acknowledge and agree as its authorized officer and/or on behalf of myself as an individual applicant, by clicking and reading the Terms & Conditions , and that the company and I will both be bound by the terms of this agreement.
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